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Stuffed Kong Home Delivery
Stuffed Kong Home Delivery
11015 Dude Ranch Road
Glen Allen, VA 23059
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Classes are scheduled in the morning, afternoon and evening - throughout the week. The FRONT DESK is open 9a-7p M-Sa and 12-5 Su.

The Dude Ranch Academy is proud to be part of the Dude Ranch Pet Resort ®. A bit about our philosophy on training: We believe that positive reinforcement based training is the most humane way to work with animals. While based on positive reinforcement training, we work with a full complement of training methods, concentrating on the least aversive method that succeeds given the situation. Positive reinforcement training is not about being permissive, nor about being a pushover for your dog. Positive reinforcement training is about establishing a relationship with your dog based on trust. Unlike aversive methods, positive reinforcement training is not about fear. We seek to reinforce the dogs' desirable behaviors (with attention, treats, praise and/or play) and, inversely, challenge ourselves to not reinforce the dog's undesirable behavior. While we prefer the use of a simple buckle collar, we recognize the need for slip collars, and similar specialized training aids in specific circumstances. We do not, however, use, nor advocate the use of electronic collars nor any type of harsh corrections.
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